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Altha has been a remarkable resource and friend to the Jeremiah's Promise ministry. With her extensive background in healing and redemptive ministering, she has worked with several of our team individually and as a group in our walk in the "new creation," as well as building the strength of the JP team for its ministry to emancipated foster youth. Her Treasures of Truth have been an invaluable teaching tool for our organization, its staff and volunteers.

-- Kim Golter, Founder/CEO  Jeremiah's Promise, Inc.

Greg Burts is one of the featured teachers of Treasures of Truth video series and is the author of Strategic Biblical Counseling and Dying to Live the Abundant Life. In July of 2014 he passed away from pancreatic cancer. He and Altha had been married since 1984 and reared two beautiful children together. The following is a quote from him: 

"God used the truths contained in the 'Treasures of Truth' to change my view of God, self, and most importantly, the Person of Jesus. The presentation of these truths unlocked the meaning of a new creation being (2 Cor. 5:17), and set me on the path of living the abundant life (John 10:10). Every one of the 'Treasures' is packed with life-changing revelation that will enable you to live a fruitful and effective Christian life in the power of the Spirit of God. I can assure you that as you read, study, and meditate on each one, you will see your life changed in miraculous ways."

After watching the transforming truths from God's word contained in the Treasures of Truth come alive in the life of my wife of 30 years, God searched my own heart and ignited a hunger in my soul for what I saw in her. This began the process of studying and walking out the Treasures of Truth in my own life. As I began to drink from these truths, my own life and ministry changed. I have experienced His blessing like no other. God has transformed my teaching and preaching ministry by the power of the Holy Spirit, and I also use Treasures of Truth now in discipleship and counseling.

-- Kevin Pasion, Pastor World Harvest Fellowship-Berryessa
Treasures of Truth can also be used in your ministry for discipling, mentoring, recovery and life groups. Here's what others have to say...
There are few things that will have a more profound impact on the life of a believer than understanding the truths of the cross. In the Unless A Grain of Wheat series, now entitled Treasures of Truth a believer will uncover foundational truths that will irreversibly move him or her on to maturity in Christ. 

Is there anything more exhilarating than being freed from guilt and shame? Well, Yes! God wants to show us how to know Him and love Him in a deeply profound and supernatural way. He also wants us to fully understand His divinely inspired, specific design for each of us and how we are to appropriate it.
He wants us to have a working understanding of the process, timing, and power by which He intends to finish His work in us. Finally, He wants to do specific and eternally significant work through us as He strategically empowers and guides us to impact those around us and His creation. Around the world, spiritually discouraged, dry, or exhausted Christians, have struggled with the question, Can I really change? Christian men and women who have suffered damage or even been crushed, cry out with an almost breathless plea, Is there any hope? The answer is unequivocally Yes. The good news is that these truths are here for us.

I consider these teachings to be one of the best collections of foundational identity and warfare truths that I have ever encountered. Written in a teaching framework, these truths, illuminated by the Holy Spirit, caused a paradigm shift in my personal walk that has been unmatched in the last 30 years. Happily I have used these truths from the word of God in numerous bible studies and general discussions, and marveled as the Holy Spirit opened truth after truth, setting person after person free, and starting them on God's course to maturity.

-- Tom Gordon, Owner and President, Team Fitness Inc.

 Growing up as the daughter of Greg and Altha Burts, the Treasures of Truth have been a central part of my understanding and my thinking. .On a recent trip to Nicaragua, I visited with the director at Children of Destiny Orphanage. This is what she said to me, "Our ​orphanage volunteers have huge hearts but minimal education and training when it comes to working with traumatized youth."  The orphanage director asked me if I would be willing to help them in that area. I had never even thought of that need before, but as she told me about it I could see clearly that God was calling me to be a part of His provision.

--  Esther Burts, Founder and Executive Officer, Equip Orphan Outreach, Inc.
Greg Burts was Director of Equip International as well as Adjunct Professor at SUM Bible College and Theological Seminary. He was also author of a daily blog called Dying to Live the Abundant Life. You can access the archived blog files and subscribe at this link:  http://dyingtoliveabundantlife.blogspot.com/