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Treasure #5 -Sojourners
Treasure #1 - The Model of Man
At WELL OF LIFE MINISTRIES, we serve the Lord by making these Treasures from the Bible, God's holy word, available on this website. As you journey through these successive teachings, may God shine in your heart the knowledge of the glory of God, in the face of Christ Jesus and  may you in turn bless others and bring Him glory as you grow in knowledge and grace.  Should you feel led to contribute to our ministry financially, you may do so here.
Treasure #2 - The Fall of Man
Treasure #3 - New Birth
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Treasures of Truth - DVD Series 
Treasure #4 - A Called Out People
Treasure #6 - The Waging War
Treasure #7 - Solomon's Search
Treasure #8 - The Cross of Christ
Treasure #9 - Our New Identity
Treasure #10 - Dying to Live
Treasure #11 - Life in the Heavenlies
Treasure #12 - Quench Not, Grieve Not
Treasure #13 - The World System
Treasure #14 - Satan, Know Your Enemy
Treasure #15 - The Armor of God
Treasure #16 - The Mind is the Battlefield
Treasure #17 - Beholding
Treasure #18 - Compromise
Treasure #19 -Trial, Trust, Travel
Treasure #20 - Two Foundations
Treasure #21 - Carpenter's Tools
Treasure #22 - Salvation of the Soul
Treasure #23 - Journey at a Glance
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